Primark se lance sur le marché parisien

La France, pays du luxe par excellence, est-elle prête à accueillir la chaîne irlandaise de vêtements à bas prix, Primark ?


Une toute nouvelle boutique a ouvert vendredi dernier à Aulnay Sous-Bois provoquant un succès immédiat.

Mais passé l’effet de la nouveauté, la marque peut-elle vraiment décoller et perdurer sur le long terme ?

C’est dans ce contexte que j’ai été interviewé par Catherine Clifford, journaliste chez France 24, pour apporter mon regard sur l’évènement.

Vous trouverez ci-dessous la vidéo du reportage ainsi qu’une synthèse de notre interview.

« How would you sum up French women’s buying habits and style?

French women generally use to mix high quality or very fashionable pieces with basic things from the fast-fashion industry as H&M or Zara. It’s something that we commonly do.

Would you say it’s true they favour buying good quality garments to last over the sort of throw-away fashion culture which is popular in the UK?

Yes for sure, in the UK, people give more the priority to quantities. English girls have a more colorful and daring style so they prefer buy cheaper and change their clothes each season.

In France, people think more on the durability. First, we are more classical than in the UK, especially in Paris. Besides, we are really sensitive on the qualities of the garment, on the “made in”. For example, if we buy a luxury brand, we don’t accept to buy it expansive if it made in China. Marc Jacobs does it a lot and it’s something that we don’t really appreciate evenly it’s fashionable. We are not ready for that.

Would you say the economic crisis has caused more French people to turn to stores like H&M?

Not necessary. If you are really sensitive to the fashion industry, you can manage to have strong pieces at lower prices, in going at private sales or press sales for instance.

It’s crazy but sometimes, it’s not a question of money. In France, the 15/25 years old spend on average 625 euros per year. In this way, there are the first consumers of clothes in term of budget because there are really concern by fashion.

Do you think Primark will take off in France in the same way it has in the UK? (i.e. very popular amongst young fashion conscious people, with stores on most high streets) Why/Why not?

Do you think many « stylish Parisians » will be willing to cross the periferique to shop in Primark? 

I think Primark have a really potential to take off in France because French people know about this store and when they travel in the UK, they use to go there as they use to go to Topshop but it’s clearly cheaper ! The main challenge for Primark is all about its localization. At the beginning, « stylish Parisians » will cross the periferique to shop in Primark because it’s new but at the long terme, if Primark want to carry on, it gonna be necessary to be on Rivoli like Forever 21or in the Departement Stores district in Opéra.

It’s strategical. It depends on your target but if you want to attract “Parisians”, you have to open a store on the most high streets. I give you a example, when Uniqlo open in 2009, it was a big big event because Fast Retailing made a huge campaign of teasing but I can tell you that a lot of people including me, ignored at this time that another shop already existed in the Paris area. Why ? Because it’s located in La Défense… »

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